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To many people, human trafficking is a distant issue that affects strangers in obscure parts of the world. It’s actually a problem that’s going on all around us and is a harsh reality for millions of men, women and children. Macchiato's is a nonprofit organization and coffee shop dedicated to spreading awareness of human trafficking and providing assistance to survivors of slavery and domestic abuse.

Contact us at info@macchiatos.org to learn more about our nonprofit.

5 facts about human trafficking

Human trafficking is a worldwide epidemic that affects the lives of men, women and children in developing and developed nations alike. As quickly as the issue is growing, human trafficking gains little media attention in comparison to other topics. Here are a few things you should know about the state of human trafficking today:

  1. Human trafficking is driven by poverty and gender discrimination
  2. Victims of human trafficking are often forced into prostitution or manual labor
  3. According to the FBI, over 100,000 children and young adults are trafficked in the U.S.
  4. Nearly 40 million people around the world are victims of human trafficking
  5. It is estimated that human trafficking will surpass the drug trade within the decade
You can reach us at info@macchiatos.org to learn more about human trafficking.

Look out for the opening of our nonprofit coffee shop

A coffee shop is a community center: a place where people gather, work and share ideas over espresso and pastries.

Why not make it a place to facilitate change, too?

Macchiato's is a project created by a team of likeminded individuals intent on bringing human trafficking and domestic abuse to an end while providing support for survivors.

Our intention is to open a coffee shop to raise awareness about human trafficking and domestic abuse while offering resources to survivors. Stay in touch to learn more details about our shop.

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